Longing for Home


She yearned for the sea

Yet all she can glimpse is the hot sandy dunes of the desert



Plains stretched miles into the horizon

Her heart belonged to the ocean

Yet here she was, so far away from home

Living another man’s dream

In isolation and desolation

Longing for the crystal blue waters that she called home

A carefree spirit, born to be wild

Like the dolphins of the south seas

Breaking waves in the evening light

Underneath the Southern Cross

Is a place existing only as a memory

Grief (part 1)


I haven’t really gotten over mum’s death. Though most people would think otherwise. And that’s the problem, they only see what I want them to see; a strong happy person. Little do they know that this strong happy person is actually broken and crushed inside, who turns her face to the wall every night and cries silently. She who grieves in silent anguish even when she smiles.

I thought I would be fine in a month’s time. Knowing that with all the pain and sufferings mum went through, her going would be a relief. But it seems that as the days got further away from the day she departed this life the tougher it became, having to cope with her absence. Every familiar thing became unfamiliar, everything of her brought back memories of her. Painful memories. I felt I’ve been robbed off a precious jewelry, a diamond, taken off me. She was taken unfairly early. And she left with a part of me.

This grieving, though no one knows gets me thinking about her everyday, dreaming about her and crying to sleep over her…

I miss her


Heartbreaking Moments


My world keeps falling apart
Every time I thought I’ve rebuilt it
Over thinking definitely kills
Gradually over time
Migraine of my mind
That seems to never end
Having to feel your heart literally
Breaking, shattering, collapsing
The pain inside, is intense
Its like there’s an erosion of the heart
Wearing away, tearing away
Eventually into nothingness.