Bye bye autumn, welcome winter!

Last week, the first winter snow fell and hasn’t stopped since.  I  remembered it vividly because I had plans to go to the mountains that  weekend.

It was during the winter of last year that I discovered my love for photography. As part of my videography course, I had to take a few classes with photography students. I fell in love with the subject immediately.

 Fall over here (Calgary) is beautiful. This is my first fall as an amateur  photographer. There was the learning curve for autumn photography but  there’s nothing  google can’t fix.

I also learn that autumn comes and goes so fast. You won’t realize if you’re not paying attention. It definitely felt that way. The moment I thought the leaves were getting perfect, snow arrived.

Well, here are some pictures. The first 3 has some of the first snows of winter and the last is from mid-autumn.


For those interested in what type of camera I’m using, the first 3 pictures  are from my Galaxy s6 and the last one from my Sony a6000. I have one camera, my Sony a6000. That is why I use my galaxy s6 whenever I can.


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