Something… Anything…

So there was no snowfall this weekend. I was expecting snow but ended up with a beautiful mid-autumn feel weekend. I remember someone saying ” It’s an Indian summer,” I don’t know if it was.

I have imaginative ideas of what an Indian summer is. For example, here is one. In the middle of great winters, out there, warm snow falls. It’s a very rare phenomenon etc BLA BLA BLA and so on.

According to Wikipedia, Indian summer is a period of unseasonably warm, dry weather that sometimes occurs in autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, unquote.

Alberta is winter land. By this I mean winter is the longest season here. It doesn’t go away quickly. Easily 6 months straight, compare to Victoria BC, where my wife grew up. Those not familiar with the geography of Canada. Victoria is the coastal province facing the mighty pacific ocean. Alberta is landlocked between two Canadian provinces, a territory, and Montana. Victoria is the land of wild berries where spring arrives early and autumn stays late into winter. Alberta is the Texas of Canada, let’s just put it that way.

Shoutout to my new friends/followers. Here are two pictures

  1. Nothing fancy about it. Just a random shot of a bicycle in front of a gas station here in Calgary. All the snow seem to have disappeared and people are having their last autumn fun. #nightshot
  2. Leafs on the ground



“Even in dreams, you could not fall forever.” George R.R. Martin”fall




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