Black and White

DSC02154bw1.1 mark copy
A winding road through dark valleys, Mountains towering high.

The journey of life, mysterious and unknown. But we must keep moving, there is no turning back.

The road twists and turns, Through shadows and uncertain light.

But we push on, for we know there is something waiting on the other side.

The road is long and hard, but we carry on, step by step.

For we know that with each step we take, We are moving closer to our destiny.

So let us embrace the journey, the winding road through the dark valley.

For we are strong and we are capable, and we will find our way through the mountains



_DSC6237 copy

A disused train sits abandoned, In a prairie ghost town.

The windows shattered and broken. The once mighty engine, Now a mere shadow of its former self, a token.

So let us take a moment, To remember and to reflect. On the stories of this forgotten train, And all the lives it did affect.



_DSC6276-Edit copy
Old farmhouse, broken down
Grass grows tall around the doors
Memories linger on



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