Thank you for visiting my blog, my very first WordPress site. I would also like to say I’m certainly not a writing nerd! I created this site to show the interesting things I’m up to and to the extent, what our little household does.
I have been in Canada for several years as well as a resident for some time and I want it that way- The Interloper!
Canada is definitely a wonderful country.  My better half and my two young boys are actually Canadian.
I enjoy making and shooting videos. My other passion is digital photography.  A year ago I actually joined a photography class and fell deeply in love with it immediately.
I  like meeting interesting men and women, love fishing, cricket, rugby, documentaries as well as listening to shows that explore the supernatural etc.
I’m also a social media enthusiast. My pursuits, hobbies, and interests are:  Integrated Digital Media, Photography ⋆ documentaries ⋆ SEO ⋆ music ⋆ politics




29 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi Zanki, and thanks for the follow! I’m pleased to meet you, first time I met someone from Papua New Guinea. Love your photos, will follow on Instagram. What is your account name there? I couldn’t find you…

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