Thanks for visiting my blog, my first WordPress blog. I also want to say that  …> I’m not a writing nerd!  I  created this blog to share with you all the fun things our small family does.

I’ve been in Canada for a few years and I am not a Canadian citizen yet. I’ve been a resident for a while though and I like it that way- The Interloper!

I love my tradition, customs, and beliefs. I also like to learn new things.

Canada is definitely a beautiful country.  My wife and little boy (another on the way) are Canadian.

I love film/video. My other love is photography.  Last year I attended a photography class and fell in love with it on the spot.

I  like meeting  (interesting) people,  fishing, cricket, rugby, documentaries plus listening to shows that delve into the supernatural and stuff like that.  I’m also a social media freak. At least I think I am.

You can follow me on twitter,  Pinterest & Instagram  (more about social media later on my yet to be created social media blog page).



28 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Zanki, and thanks for the follow! I’m pleased to meet you, first time I met someone from Papua New Guinea. Love your photos, will follow on Instagram. What is your account name there? I couldn’t find you…

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