Heartbreaking Moments


My world keeps falling apart
Every time I thought I’ve rebuilt it
Over thinking definitely kills
Gradually over time
Migraine of my mind
That seems to never end
Having to feel your heart literally
Breaking, shattering, collapsing
The pain inside, is intense
Its like there’s an erosion of the heart
Wearing away, tearing away
Eventually into nothingness.



I am medusa
Beauty became monster
Idolized to being destroyed
Silenced by a patrilineal society
For being a victim in a gruesome way
Shamed violently in a sacred place
Banished by the gods
Condemned to walk the earth
As grotesque and with serpents for a hair
And anyone who gaze upon her
Is forever turned into stone.

Break Away


Breaking away

From all that seems to be a drag in this life

Dragging you away

From all that is good

Throw out the bad apples

But keep all the good

Let go of toxic people

Befriend the few good

Feed your mind

With positive messages, images and sounds

Think happy thoughts

You only live once

So make the most of it

Silent Musings


Life really has its difficulties
At this point
When you’re crazily
Head over heels
Over this one person
But you know he’s unavailable
Entirely way out of your league
Cos he’s too significant
And its unlike a crush
You’d have for a star
Cos he’s more than a star
He’s a friend
A contact
You know him
He knows you
But you can’t say a word
Tell him how you feel
Cos he’s that important
Your worlds don’t mix
Just too impossible
So you research him
Find anything against him
To squash that infatuation
Anything to make these feelings
But the more you delve
The more you fall into
This abyss of love
And everyday
You sit by the phone
He’d holler
Just so you’d connect
But there are times
He’s way too busy
Important things to do
That don’t involve you
Things for the good of men
A good heart
A gentle heart
He belongs to everyone
That’s why its better
To stay away
Out of reach
Out of touch
To muse silently
Loving him from a distance
Is all I can do