Grief (part 1)


I haven’t really gotten over mum’s death. Though most people would think otherwise. And that’s the problem, they only see what I want them to see; a strong happy person. Little do they know that this strong happy person is actually broken and crushed inside, who turns her face to the wall every night and cries silently. She who grieves in silent anguish even when she smiles.

I thought I would be fine in a month’s time. Knowing that with all the pain and sufferings mum went through, her going would be a relief. But it seems that as the days got further away from the day she departed this life the tougher it became, having to cope with her absence. Every familiar thing became unfamiliar, everything of her brought back memories of her. Painful memories. I felt I’ve been robbed off a precious jewelry, a diamond, taken off me. She was taken unfairly early. And she left with a part of me.

This grieving, though no one knows gets me thinking about her everyday, dreaming about her and crying to sleep over her…

I miss her