Atlas, In Silence.

Remember I said a few days ago that winter is here?  The snow disappeared and hasn’t shown up yet. It will be back soon.

 Here are some pictures of Atlas Mine. Atlas is a former coal mine in Alberta  that is now a national historic site located in the Drumheller Valley.  I  was there earlier this year. It was on a Sunday and they were closed for business. I took a few shots…

Silence isn’t empty, It’s full of answers.


It’s a bird, it’s a plane…

It takes about 50mins to go the 70km from Calgary to High River.


  In late September, there is a balloon festival in High River.


“The first and simplest


which we discover

in the human mind,

is curiosity.” -Edmund Burke.



The festival starts pre-sunset as each individual balloon takes its place on the field and the crowd watches in anticipation as they inflate.                                                                

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Bright Colors from High  River                                                                                                 balloon4balloon2balloon1

musings from the mountain

Good morning and good afternoon to everyone out in the blogosphere who may be surfing by our blog. Thanks for stopping and reading  things we post. Like I said in my introduction page,  I’m not a writing nerd but I’ll do my best to bring you guys something. This is my second post and I’m excited about it. In this article, I’ll show you all some of the  pictures I took when I first started taking pictures last year.

My taste for photography came very later. See, I grew up with politics. Even my scholarship to the US was to study political science. But things change and my mind also changes. The long hours of obsessive monitoring of news from around the world are now on the brakes and a trip to the lake feels like going to the candy store. You just don’t know what kind of picture you’ll find.

Last year I enrolled in a videography class and had to share courses with photography students, so I decided why not do both, shoot video and take still pictures at the same time.

Anyway! my first images were black and white. I thought it was easy to edit and were beautiful.

That’s all for now.  Follow me if you are on twitter. I have 8k followers plus few thousand more on my other accounts. Shoot me your username and I’ll follow back and stuff like that.

From us here in the middle chakra, the heart of Canada! To you all!  Have a beautiful weekend!

Bye bye autumn, welcome winter!

Last week, the first winter snow fell and hasn’t stopped since.  I  remembered it vividly because I had plans to go to the mountains that  weekend.

It was during the winter of last year that I discovered my love for photography. As part of my videography course, I had to take a few classes with photography students. I fell in love with the subject immediately.

 Fall over here (Calgary) is beautiful. This is my first fall as an amateur  photographer. There was the learning curve for autumn photography but  there’s nothing  google can’t fix.

I also learn that autumn comes and goes so fast. You won’t realize if you’re not paying attention. It definitely felt that way. The moment I thought the leaves were getting perfect, snow arrived.

Well, here are some pictures. The first 3 has some of the first snows of winter and the last is from mid-autumn.


For those interested in what type of camera I’m using, the first 3 pictures  are from my Galaxy s6 and the last one from my Sony a6000. I have one camera, my Sony a6000. That is why I use my galaxy s6 whenever I can.